NEXA Blue Caffeine Brown Granite Grey Pearl Arctic White Premium Silver

S-Cross Highlights







Equipped with a powerful new 1.5L K15 Petrol Engine, the S-Cross – The Refined SUV has all the power that you need.


Enjoy a convenient and refined driving experience with Automatic Transmission and maximise the joy of driving the new S-cross Petrol


The NEXT Gen Smart Hybrid Technology in the new S-Cross Petrol is designed to give you a refined and efficient drive in every journey you take.


S-Cross – The Refined SUV is, sophisticated, aggressive and all things powerful. Be it adventures or quick getaways, the New S-cross Petrol is ready for it!


Rugged on the outside, luxurious and comfortable on the inside. The Refined SUV makes sure you experience exemplary space and comfort in every drive.

Sharp and Crystalline LED Projector Headlamps with DRLs

The sophisticated sharp design of the LED Projector Headlamps with DRLs radiates a dominating power. The crystalline finish on these lights further elevates the sophisticated persona of the vehicle.

Vertical Front Chrome Grille

The Refined SUV comes with an all metal grille that boasts of an aggressive attitude and exhibits power, enough to take on any adventure.

Masculine Design

Strong design lines and sharp angles of the new S-Cross gives the vehicle an upright masculine stance that never goes ignored.

Machined Alloy Wheels

The dynamic Alloy Wheels take the sophistication to a whole new level. Enjoy each ride to the extreme as you take these metal marvels for a spin.

LED Rear Combination Lamp

The rear of the vehicle adds a sharp aesthetic to the new S-Cross Petrol, thanks to the LED Rear Combination Lamps whose streamlined design exudes a sophisticated aura.


The Refined SUV - Powered by Next Generation Smart Hybrid Technology that adds to its Sophistication


Braking charges the special high capacity batteries, which in return assist the engine’s idle start stop and the torque assist functions.


The engine automatically stops when idle and silently starts when the optimal conditions are met in manual and automatic transmissions. This helps in increasing fuel efficiency.


The energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery assists during acceleration. This helps the engine in providing optimal acceleration and performance.


NEW SMARTPLAY STUDIO Make your drives more exciting with the New Smartplay Studio. So, connect to your smartphone with Android Auto or Apple carplay and text, call, play songs, or navigate with just a tap, your voice, or steering mounted controls*.

*Application features and displays may vary depending on different operating systems or smartphone devices being used Features may vary from variant to variant. Android Auto is TM of Google and Apple CarPlay is TM of Apple Inc.

The new S-Cross Petrol takes on sharp turns, steep climbs and rough roads with the ease of Automatic Transmission with Hill Hold assist.
AUTO RAIN SENSING WIPERS The Auto Rain Sensing Wipers in the Refined SUV detects rain and starts automatically. The frequency is regulated according to the amount of rainfall, and the rain sensitivity can also be controlled. MULTI INFORMATION DISPLAY Keep a check on your vehicle’s vitals, from information on fuel consumption to Gear Shift Indicator, on the hi-definition TFT Screen. AUTOMATIC HEADLAMPS The Auto LED Projector Headlamps with LED DRLs ensures optimum road visibility when you’re driving without having to turn them on manually. CRUISE CONTROL The Cruise Control system makes all your long journeys comfortable by letting you pick a cruising speed over 40km/hr. ADJUSTABLE STEERING WHEEL Adding to the comfort of your journey, the new S-Cross Petrol’s steering column features a telescopic and tilt adjustment. REVERSE PARKING CAMERA Find the ease in parking your car anywhere you go with the Reverse Parking Camera and Sensor. 60:40 SPLIT REAR SEATS S-Cross – The Refined SUV offers a 60:40 split rear seatback, which can be folded down to make more space for everything you need on your journey. PUSH START/STOP Experience an easy start to your journey with the Push Start/Stop Button in the new S-Cross Petrol. AUTO AC Make your drives all the more comfortable with the Auto AC that enables you to maintain the desired temperature in the cabin. ELECTRICALLY FOLDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE ORVMS Remotely adjust the viewing angle and fold-unfold your rear-view mirror as desired. AUTO UP/DOWN WITH ANTI-PINCH The Auto up/down power window on the driver’s side automatically rolls down when an obstacle is detected for optimum safety.


The Refined and Powerful New Petrol Engine

1.5L K15 BS6 Engine

Equipped with a powerful new 1.5L K15 BS6 Engine, the new S-Cross Petrol is here to take you on a refined driving experience.


Because Your Safety Is Paramount


The signature shade that encapsulates our drive for innovation. Its sophistication perfectly mirrors the persona of the new S-CROSS Petrol, making its presence a powerful one no matter where the road takes you.


The new S-CROSS Petrol in Caffeine Brown exudes a sense of aggression beneath a layer of subtle sophistication.


Get ready for a display of sophisticated power. The Granite Gray S-CROSS Petrol is indeed meant for the ones who thirst for adventure.


Dominate the terrains with magnificence. The new S-CROSS Petrol in Pearl Arctic White is meant for the ones with refined taste.


Strikingly aggressive, the new S-CROSS Petrol in Premium Silver shade reflects the refined persona of the ones who drive it.


Created to Inspire Adventure

It’s here. It’s powerful yet sophisticated. It is more powerful than ever and is ready to embark on any journey. It’s about all things spontaneous. It powers you to break the monotony with utmost sophistication. It is the refined SUV. It is the new NEXA S-CROSS Petrol. The new S-CROSS Petrol exudes the right blend of power and sophistication both on the inside and outside.

On the outside, the strong lines and sharp angles of the new S-CROSS give the vehicle a sturdy masculine stance. Its imposing and powerful exterior is further enhanced with a Vertical Chrome Grille that displays a sense of aggression. The sharp and confident Projector LED Headlamps with LED DRLs also dominate at first glance, while the crystalline look lends the new S-Cross Petrol a sophisticated persona. The design of the LED Rear Combination Lamps give a sharp aesthetic to the rear of the vehicle. As for the dynamic alloy wheels—they allow you to enjoy each ride to the extreme as you take these metal marvels for a spin.

Step into the new NEXA S-CROSS Petrol to witness sophistication in its most refined form. No matter where your journey leads you; be it slick city lanes or long rides on rugged terrains—no matter what’s on the outside, you will always find comfort inside the new S-cross Petrol. It will help you find calm as you bask in the plush and indulgent interiors.

The new S-CROSS is powered by a new 1.5L K15 BS6 Petrol Engine that gives you a refined driving experience no matter where you are. The engine makes for a powerful drive and delivers a refined performance every time.

The Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology in the new S-CROSS Petrol is designed to give you a smooth drive. The Integrated Starter Generator, paired with a Lithium-Ion battery and a Lead Acid Battery helps regenerate braking energy for an enhanced driving experience. Its torque assist function reduces the load on the engine and improves fuel efficiency.

No matter the roads, no matter the sharp turns, and steep slopes, the Refined SUV takes it all in a stride with the ease of Automatic Transmission. So, apart from enjoying the remarkable performance, you can now embrace your surroundings seamlessly while driving in the new S-CROSS Automatic variant.

To all seekers of thrilling journeys, the new S-CROSS Petrol is here to make them worth your while by elevating the driving experience up a notch. The Refined SUV adds a dash of entertainment to the thrill with the New SmartPlay Studio. It is a connected in-car entertainment system with a captivating touch screen display. Its vibrant and customizable UI makes it really easy to text, call, play your favourite songs, switch to radio, and even navigate your way through the traffic. It becomes a truly integrated system when you connect it with the Smartplay Studio App, which helps you access the latest songs, news, and nearby food outlets. Not only that, you can also seamlessly connect your Smartphone on the go for non-stop entertainment.

The new S-CROSS is equipped with advanced features that add to both sophistication and power such as the Cruise Control, Auto Rain Sensing Wipers, Auto Headlamps, Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel, Reverse Parking Camera, and more. And if that wasn’t enough, the Refined SUV also comes with ample boot space that allows you to carry your world along. So, let the journeys begin in the new S-CROSS Petrol.

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